Recorded cyber chat

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However, the more serious offences such as child pornography carry stronger punishment ranging from five to seven years.

Crimes other than those affecting the “socio-economic conditions” or against women and children, may also be compounded i.e., settled.

Alastair Paterson is CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Shadows.

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With respect to child pornography, the law is very stringent.Remedies for financial fraud Apart from the criminal processes, S.46 IT Act also provides for remedies against data theft, hacking, virus attacks and financial frauds covered under Chapter IX (S.43 to S.45) by filing an application before the adjudicating officer.Presently, the ad-hoc system of the secretary of the IT ministry acting as the said authority continues.In general, there is still a lot of inertia in registration and investigation of cyber crimes.This does affect collation of electronic evidence and containment of damages, whether the offence is against an individual or business.

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