Rhesus negative dating

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And there was yet another discovery too, one that gets to the very heart of the subject matter: that there were some individuals who completely lacked the Rh Factor. The most significant – and also deeply worrying – side-effect of being Rh negative relates to the matter of pregnancy.Actually, it’s the one and only adverse side-effect: giving birth aside, being RH negative has no major, adverse bearing whatsoever upon matters relative to health.As a result, transfusions in the United States were seen as being very much a last resort; in much of Europe of the 1800s, however, blood transfusions were viewed not as a last resort, but as a definitive no-go area – period.At least, that is where things stood until the first decade of the 20 Century.If a woman who is Rh negative is made pregnant by a man who is also Rh negative, the problems are non-existent and there is no need for concern: both individuals are wholly compatible with one another, the fetus will develop in normal fashion, and the child will be born Rh negative.If, however, the father is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative, that’s where the problems can begin and the results may prove to be very different – and tragically so, too – as the developing fetus will be Rh positive.

Landsteiner decided to term it the Rh Factor – “Rh” standing for “Rhesus,” of course.

That is when history was well and truly made by a man named Karl Landsteiner, a Nobel Prize-winning physician and biologist from Austria; a man who forever changed the face of medicine, and who also happened to be the co-discoverer (with Romanian microbiologist Constantin Levaditi and Erwin Popper, an Austrian physician) of the polio virus.

Karl Landsteiner’s groundbreaking work demonstrated something that, at the time, was deemed remarkable: blood serum, which is the liquid portion that encompasses the blood cells of the human body, was not identical in all individuals.

Over the years a number of books and articles have been written linking the UFO phenomenon to people who have Rh negative blood.

Here’s a link to one such example, and here’s another.

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