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Unfortunately, for most of us, that means we only have one chance to win over someone cute at a party, chat up a classmate, or impress that new co-worker. There’s a better way to break the ice than asking, “so, what do you do? If these icebreaker jokes made you laugh, you’ll definitely want to read the 50 Knock Knock Jokes Guaranteed to Crack You Up.

” We’ve rounded up foolproof icebreaker lines and icebreaker jokes that will always get people laughing, so you can ace those intros with confidence. Here’s an icebreaker from comedian Ken Dodd: “Did you hear about the shrimp that went to the prawn’s cocktail party?

Q: Why do women rub their eyes when they get up in the morning? A: You have to bite the crust and lick out the jelly before you get to the meaty bit. A: Because Ken came in another box Q: What did the leper say to the prostitute? Q: What is the difference between a clever midget and a venereal disease?

A: A heavy discussion Q: What do you call a party with 100 midgets? Q: What do going down on an old woman and a pork pie have in common? A: Chewing gum Q: Why isn't there a pregnant Barbie doll?

A: A virgin Q: What do you call two fat people talking? Q: What does in hard and dry, but comes out soft and wet?

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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking? A: Chicken Poodle soup Girls are like math problems. I nicknamed my dong "Coin Flip" because it's always getting either head or tail. The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's butt and wait.Hearing and telling dirty jokes is good for us and probably good for your kids on some level. I went to get into my car, and the door handle came off in my hand. A good bathroom joke points to life’s juxtapositions and says, “Yes. It’s okay to feel that way and it’s best just to laugh at it.” So as long as you draw clear lines for your children about when it is and is 5. She wrote: “If you are sleeping, send me your dreams.

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