Rules dating recovering addict

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But like the previous level, if we begin feeling too vulnerable, we can say we’ve switched our opinions or changed our mind in order to avoid conflict or pain.

Sharing feelings and experiences is the next level of vulnerability and intimacy.

If we sense we may be rejected or criticized, all we can do is try to convince others that we’re no longer impacted by our past. Because of that, it is the level that requires the greatest amount of trust.

If I can’t trust that you won’t reject me, i’ll never be able to share my deepest self with you.

In addition, the lies /deceit /shame and manipulation that go hand in hand with addiction result in substance abusers often being able to maintain intimacy only at the lowest levels.

Read the description of each level below, and think about whether you are comfortable sharing at this level and if not why not?

Building intimacy is a dynamic process that goes through a number of stages People who are able to maintain healthy relationships will be able to achieve intimacy on all levels.

Addiction prevents people from accessing their true feelings and needs and therefore prevents the ability to become intimate at the highest level.

This level is more vulnerable because we can’t change how we feel about something or the details of our past or current experiences. It is the level where we are known at the deepest core of who we are.It is the ability to be emotionally intimate that allows us to feel the deep connections that bring us joy, happiness and a sense of belonging.A number of prominent researchers now believe that addiction is the result of an inability to form attachment relationships, and if recovery from substance use is to be sustainable, then relationships in your life need to be addressed.How has your addiction affected your ability to achieve intimacy on each level?Is there anyone in your life that you have true intimacy with?

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