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He had his own tattoo studio and business on the side, doing tattoos with electric gun and hand tap. We explained our project in the slow manner that we do, because English is not the first language of many Samoans, using simple words, repeating certain things, focusing on the cultural elements, ensuring him that we were looking for partners in this study, not simply participants.We shared a copy of the informed consent, which outlined the study in simple terms, in English and Samoan.

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So I gave him my phone number, got his name and phone number, and asked if I could call him to talk to him about our study. I didn’t notice until the next day that I’d received a phone call during dinner from an unknown number.

He, of course, has already watched both seasons twice, but it’s a nice opportunity to bond and is funny as shit.

This is the known origin of the permitted Tatau in Samoa The journey of two sisters Who swam in the ocean from Fiji They brought with them a basket of the tatau tools and the song they repeated it said only the women receive the tatau and the men do not The reason why the men receive the tatau is the sisters sang their song incorrectly When they arrived at the coastal waters of Falealupo They saw a huge clam They dived for it and when they came up they sang It said only the men receive the tatau and the women do not Look at the young man lying down as the tufuga begins his work Pity the crying of the young man The stinging bite of the autapula teeth Young man be brave it is a game of the men Although it is very painful Yet afterwards you will be proud of it Of all of the Islands in the Pacific Samoa is well known for its tatau The young men with his tatau walking by As the decorations of the tatau shine As the song indicates, women brought the tattoo tools because tattooing was originally the realm of females, but they made some mistake and ended up switching things around.

Meaning, we were collecting additional saliva samples from individuals we’d already got them from because they were getting big tats that took multiple sessions, so we were collecting pre- and post-tattoo data from day two and didn’t have anyone else we could collect new data from.

We hadn’t really worked out what to do with additional data like that.

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