San jose thai dating

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And since single people tends to go out/drive to SF more, you will obviously see more singles in SF on any given night. I mean, they can't BOTH be sociable AND make a ton of money, can they? Bobby_guz_man always has to rise to the defense but I don't agree. The stereotypes are mostly true, not entirely but mostly.

How are the average Joes going to compete with THAT? Of the recently married guys that I know, they all met their wife outside of dating in the Silicon Valley.

If you seek it out, you can find your niche, as there are nearly 2 million people in Santa Clara county.

However, in general, I think the dating scene down here is poor, as compared to other metro areas and even to SF. Here are the issues though: You may want to look into activity clubs, depending upon your interest.

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Of the married people that I know, nearly all of them got married, THEN moved to the Silicon Valley.

Also, what are your thoughts regarding the dating prospects for a 32 year old single white female, who has no children, but has an advanced degree? With a large proportion of of engineers/techies, you may have trouble finding single men that have the social skills you are looking for 2.

Now, the South Bay will have more married folks than the SF area. But this does not merit the "dating scene down here is poor". SF is an extremely decent dating scene, certainly a notch or two above the South Bay. It's a popular image, but it's not even close to being true.

But, SF is the congregation center of the Bay Area, most people you see in SF on any given nights most likely are not from SF itself, but from the whole area. Most of the guys whom I have worked with in my field, who are single, are just as normal social-wise as everyone else. And people "resent" that, and make them out to be anti-social worker bees.

And there are many many other spots to congregate as well in San Jose, especially in its many ethnic-concentrated conclaves.

The only other South Bay hotspot worth mentioning alongside Downtown San Jose and Santana Row would be downtown Palo Alto.

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