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When Michelle is shot by Dougie Briggs (Max Gold), Vicki discover she is Sharon's half-sister when she stays with Sharon and her husband, Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) and the following day, Sharon explains things to Vicki.Michelle is furious with Sharon about Vicki knowing.

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When she becomes pregnant by Spencer Moon (Christopher Parker), Sharon, who believes she is infertile, offers Vicki £10,000 to give her the baby to bring up as her own.

After an eight-year absence, she was reintroduced by Executive Producer Louise Berridge in 2003 as a rebellious teenager.

Her reintroduction was part of the soap's attempt to rebuild the Watts clan, a successful family headed by Den, that featured prominently in the 1980s. The media was generally critical about the character upon her return due to her American accent and its sudden disappearance.

Early suspects were Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and Kelvin Carpenter (Paul J.

Medford), but then four possible suspects are seen leaving the Square early in the episode: Tony Carpenter (Oscar James), Ali Osman (Nejdet Salih), Andy O'Brien (Ross Davidson), and Den Watts.

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