Sedating animals

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“It may work well for nine out of 10 patients, which is why they use it,” she says.“They refer that 10th patient to us.” Fraser, the general practice vet, refers her patients with advanced cardiac and lung disease to Tufts, because anesthesia stresses those systems.Many procedures that can be done safely on a human patient who is awake—dentistry, radiation treatment for cancer and X-rays among them—can’t be performed on pets without putting them under.In fact, when you think about those sharp dental instruments or about how dogs and cats don’t lay perfectly still on command, it’s no wonder that “your pet’s odds of needing general anesthesia over its lifetime are much higher than your own,” says Tufts veterinary anesthesiologist Emily Mc Cobb, V00. Still, it’s understandable for pet owners to have some anxiety, says Mc Cobb, who notes that “low risk is still not the same as no risk.” “Because an animal can’t tell us if it has been feeling ill” or has another condition that could be dangerous in combination with anesthetic drugs, the chance of an adverse reaction is a little higher for dogs and cats than it is for people, she says.Tiny patients also have more issues with anesthesia.Anesthetized humans and animals appear to be sleeping, but there’s a lot more going on.

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“We don’t do one-size-fits-all anesthesia here.” Many dogs and cats have heart murmurs that have never posed a problem, but “if those pets are going to have anesthesia, we want to investigate that further,” Mc Cobb says.When people undergo surgery, there’s an anesthesiologist in the OR whose only job is to manage the patient on the table.In veterinary medicine, dental care and some surgeries are usually done by a general practitioner, who also oversees the anesthesia.For example, testing often reveals that cats with heart murmurs suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle that impedes its ability to pump blood.For those cats, the Cummings School has access to anesthetic drugs not available in most general practices that prevent the heart from working too hard while the animal is anesthetized.

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