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From the website: "Forget reading in between the lines, our members know what they want," and "Things would be much easier if goals and starting points were already set forth before entering said relationship." Alexis Germany, public relations manager at Seeking Arrangement, reconciled the two viewpoints in an email to Business Insider this way: "The financial aspect of the relationship is something that can be brought up once a level of trust has been built.Anyone asking for money upfront is treating the situation as a job, and Sugar dating is not a job, it's a lifestyle choice." On an episode of the podcast "Let's Talk Sugar," which Germany cohosts, she told listeners that one, subtle way to prompt a gift or some financial help from your sugar daddy is to show him your budget and ask for advice on saving money.

They were friends for six months before they started dating, he said: "Once she won my heart, the wallet sprung open." Carl Foster, a speaker and radio and television host as well as a former sugar daddy who led the panel, mentioned an off-putting experience he'd had with a sugar baby who seemed especially demanding.

Specifically, I'd assumed that sugar dating meant a woman agreed to spend time with a man — either sexually or otherwise — in exchange for money.

Sugar babies and daddies say that, in real life, an arrangement is hardly so simple.

"Men want to feel like they're helping a girl out and they're taking care of them," she said. There shouldn't be a value put on anybody." (The audience let out a collective "aw.") Jim Demetrios, an author, trader, and fitness adviser, who married and subsequently divorced a sugar baby, put it somewhat differently.

He explained that if you're the kind of sugar baby who wants to state your financial needs and get them fulfilled right away, you'll have to find a sugar daddy who wants to work the same way.

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