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Shes a disgusting human being that has no respect for marriage. While her husband works she just sits at home neglecting her child or letting someone else raise him while she gets around.

Shes controlling of everyone shes around and throws little tantrums when she doesn’t get her way Keeps messaging me and other women on facebook trying to hook up when he’s obviously married.

Also, if u find out ur man has been with her, have him go to the health department to get checked out. This “platonic friend” who doesn’t curse cuz it’s a sin, dipped his d1ck in my wife while we were separated.

I found receipts from movies, dinners and a hotel they split in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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She has perfected the act of a sweet little Christian woman but this little slore has been having sex with married men every chance she gets! She has started selling that fake jewelry that everyone jumps on the bandwagon with.This page showcases Chaturbate webcam models living throughout ARKANSAS, so if you're looking for real, uncensored Arkansas cam shows, start with the live Chaturbate sex chats below.NOTE: The live sex chat below is the most-viewed ARKANSAS cam on Chaturbate right now.Hope the two of them get back together and enjoy paying child support!To start out, I can’t even be FACEBOOK FRIENDS with my best friend from when we were babies just because she is now married to him.

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