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Sweden was the birthplace of one of the best-known names in pornography, Berth Milton Sr who founded the Private Media Group.

The company produces and distributes some of Europe’s best-selling print titles as well as running dozens of adult websites and producing high-budget adult films for DVD and Video-On-Demand services.

A report in 2013 suggests that Swedes are having less sex now than they were in 1996.

They just seem to have struck a very healthy balance of normalcy when it comes to sex.

Paying for sex is illegal but buying it isn’t, pornography is not regulated and there is no age limit for purchasing pornographic materials but BDSM is an illegal depiction of violence.

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We bring you a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about Sex in this Scandinavian country.

There is a good stock of homegrown talent in Sweden when it comes to the adult film industry with some making waves in export markets.

Known for her roles in Russ Meyer films, Uschi Digard (also known as Astrid, Heidi Bush, Uschi Digger and Marie Marceau) was a star of the Golden Era of porn (1975-1983).

A famously liberal nation with progressive laws on equality and anti-discrimination, there is a stereotype of sexually promiscuous blonde Swedes that has perpetuated since the 1970s.

But is the fantasy a reality or do we need to take a different view on Sweden’s sex scene?

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