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Thoughtful, expressive, verbal (4 languages), introspective, narcissistic and gay.

All of which fuel an adventurous spirit of discovery and wonder and also ennui with the world around him.

Ari does not know any older gay men, who are hard to find since they are very discrete.

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“I feel love with such strong feelings…” All of which sound within normal limits for an active young gay person in a randy and random gay world (real and virtual) with no role models or guiding mature peers.Currently he is dating a French telecom technician whom he met online at, the major gay dating site in Europe and Africa. There was no problem because I think I was born gay and my cousin showed me that.(French, along with Arabic, is the major language here; sophisticated Tunisians prefer to speak French.) Ari talks about himself expressively and pensively; restless and eager to tell his story of life from an early age (before 10) when he had his first carnal experience at the hands of a cousin, which Ari at first resisted then quickly liked after a few times. If I wasn’t gay I think I would not have felt the pleasure of it.” This went on until he was ten or eleven. I didn’t stay with him.” The doctor then thought Ari was depressed and gave him Prozac but it made him feel sleepy and buzzed. By the time he was twelve, in 2004, he was fully aware of what homosexuality is.“Guys talk about girls all the time and are frustrated because society says no sex before marriage.I’m not allowed to talk about guys but I can have all the sex I want before marriage.

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