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Augie Tulba, who performs under the stage moniker Augie T, may not be a household name on the mainland, but he's been a comedy mainstay in Hawaii for more than a quarter century, ever since doing 10 minutes of open mic work at the Honolulu Comedy Club.In the ensuing years, Augie's work has been recognized by publications like , and he won two Na Hoku Hanohano awards (the Hawaiian Grammys, as they're known) for Best Comedy Album.Some of our choices are on the cusp of breaking out nationally, while others seem perfectly content with making locals laugh in less populated areas.In certain cases, we picked comedians who didn't grow up in or who no longer live in their respective states, but they all identify and maintain strong connections with the place in question.Just 27 years old, she runs the only female-produced open mic in Arkansas at EJ's Eats and Drinks in Downtown Little Rock, founded and serves as head writer of a sketch troupe called Tyrannosaurus Sketch, produces stand-up comedy around Central Arkansas, and co-hosts a podcast () about the absurdity of everyday laws.

"When you spend your whole life looking for your thing, it feels really amazing to find it." Now, Weeks, who grew up in the Chicago suburbs, is a fixture in Denver's comedy scene, regularly performing at the landmark club Comedy Works, sometimes with her all-womyn "power group" the Pussy Bros., and hosting and producing the laugh-out-loud live storytelling podcast She might come across as timid, but Sara Shea's jokes pack a sneaky punch.He describes it as "the most terrifying moment of my life" and remembers that "every liquid in my body was volunteering to leave my body from fear and terror." Since then, those nerves have clearly calmed down and he's become a way more confident performer, which you can hear for yourself on his comedy EP, "The Human Being." Even though Mia Jackson's first stand-up performance back in the early 2000s earned her "a bunch of sympathy laughs" from friends and family, it was enough to propel her to a career that includes opening for Dave Chappelle, appearing on about her first-ever gig -- while holding down a corporate job, she made the transition to full-time comic in 2014, 10 years after breaking into Atlanta's clubs.Now, she's telling her jokes about the pains of being a too-tall lady and fighting over a Popeyes biscuit with an ex around the country."I had made a new friend who was a comic and I would always ask him about it," she says."He basically ended up telling me my level of interest was not normal and urged me to try it." Connecticut is better off for it: Amongst the clean comedian's other topics, you'll hear thoughts on men in business suits riding bikes and black pepper as contraband.

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