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Part III consists of indexes to quickly find sources listed in Part II.

Aimed at all African Americans who have ever thought of researching their family history, the author helps the reader rethink past events, explore vital health matters, increase awareness of cultural and historical identities, and better understand events that helped to shape family values, beliefs, and attitudes.

These records are important because of the migration patterns of Alabama’s freedmen, first to urban areas in the state and then to northern cities, a trend that continued throughout the first part of the 20 This volume is relevant to both black and white researchers with family roots in the Caribbean.

It includes discussion of the slave trade, slave registers, manumission records, etc.

This booklet provides information about Federal records of the post-Civil War era that are rich in documentation for African American family historians seeking to bridge the transitional period from slavery to freedom.

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Included are case studies, a thorough bibliography of sources, and a guide to Internet resources.Part I consists of several essays, including; immigration and migration patterns, traditions and customs, basic genealogical records and those specific to African Americans, examples of what can be found in a record, a bibliography.Part II lists information resources, including libraries, genealogical societies, databases and periodicals.Chris Derose’s new book, ‘Star Spangled Scandal: Sex, Murder, and the Trial that Changed America,’ vividly recounts how the murder of Francis Scott Key’s son was one of the 19th century’s most sensational murder trials and left a lasting legal legacy.Democrats and Republicans may shame the United States for not featuring yet another welfare state program, but they ignore that Canada’s taxes to fund subsidies to parents of newborns cost working families dearly.

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