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They will have to meet the new income guidelines to qualify.

(Undated--jc) It’s not ice cubes for the entire upcoming winter, but Illinoisans should plan for plenty of snow and a colder-than-normal winter.

53rd District State Senator Jason Barickman, Republican from Bloomington says the hope is those on the committee can bring forth some solutions..

53rd District State Senator Jason Barickman-Republican from Bloomington.

The PBL/GCMS Game at Gibson City is the WCIA Tackle Hunger Game of the Week. A statement says that Pritzker is in "good spirits" and will remain "fully engaged" in government business.

Students representing both schools will be collecting money before the game at the south and east gates and a table will be set up by the concession stand during the game. (Springfield--jc) -- Public finance analysts are now poring through hundreds of pages of financial information about how Illinois spent tens of billions of tax dollars from a fiscal year that ended 425 days ago.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services said many will be ready in 2020. The council approved spending nearly thousand for two pickup trucks from Anderson Ford.

An autopsy is scheduled for this morning, and an inquest may be held at a later date. Pritzker has a hairline fracture on his left thighbone and a doctor has ordered rest for four to six weeks.

This crash is under investigation by the coroner’s office and the Illinois State Police. The Democrat's office said Thursday that Pritzker doesn't know how the injury occurred. But pain in his knee became more significant in recent weeks while attending public events where he stood or walked long distances.

The Supportive Living Program allows patients to have their own apartment in a community setting. Department of Defense confirmed surveillance balloon tests designed to locate drug traffickers over several states were part of a Congressionally approved project called COLD STAR, but the department said no tests will be happening over Illinois “at this time.”The Guardian earlier this month reported 25 high-altitude surveillance balloons launched from South Dakota would be coming down somewhere in Central Illinois in September. Officials with Scott Air Force Base referred questions to the Department of Defense. The trucks will be used by the streets and alleys department and the sewer department.

The expansion will help nearly 1,600 Medicaid members with dementia. A Department of Defense spokesperson said the tests have already been conducted and that no tests impacting Illinois airspace were planned. The council also approved two recent donations to the city.

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