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“I just don’t think it’s OK to keep pushing, acting like nothing’s happened when clearly stuff has happened.” The woman said she did not want to be named because she did not want to be linked to the lawmaker publicly, though she did allow the Northwest News Network to use her name when addressing her claims with Manweller and to corroborate her story with others.

The Idaho woman said she first met Manweller as a freshman at Wood River High School during the 1993-1994 school year.

The lawmaker acknowledged that he once taught the woman in Idaho, but declined to respond to 43 other questions regarding her allegations.

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She said it was the kind of thing her dad or brothers would do.

That included a video he posted to his campaign website in which he accused the university of “manufacturing allegations” and called the allegations “trivial” in nature.

“I have no ill will towards him,” said the woman, a registered Republican who said she generally agrees with Manweller's political views.

“I will not be answering any further media questions about someone I met 25 years ago.” Still, it appears Manweller scrambled to deal with the new allegations.

Shortly after the Northwest News Network reached out to him for this story, Manweller tried to call the former Idaho student and sent her a one-word text: “Thanks.” The following day, Manweller sent the woman another text that said he was planning to release to the Northwest News Network a series of Facebook messages she sent him a few years ago during a troubled time in her life.

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