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I would have no milk left to feed her…so I’d have to give her the bottle I just wasted 20 minutes pumping, and then have nothing to show for all that “free time” I just had.

You can see just how easily “crazy” starts to kick in.

at Rago Arts and Auction Center in Lambertville, N. The opening lot, Young Faun With Heron by Frederick William Mac Monnies, is expected to sell for ,000 to ,000.

Paul Howard Manship's Young Minerva is expected to sell for ,000 to ,000, and Isabel, done in 1917 by Gaston Lachaise, has a presale estimate of ,000 to ,000.

And this little human had brought me to my unshowered, unshaven knees. I couldn’t help but think the unthinkable…that which a new mother could never say out loud. I think that I, along with the rest of society, expected to tackle the transition into motherhood like everything else in my life: with self-sufficient gusto.

But no matter the countless baby books I read, I was wildly unprepared for this new role.

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I was half aiming at his head, and half aiming at the wall behind his head.

The Kaiser estate is also the source of a large amount of sterling in the "Radiant" pattern that will be offered tomorrow, including an assembled 48-piece flatware service expected to sell for 0 to 0.

The session also features some of the top furniture, notably two Chester County high chests dating to about 1775 and expected to sell for ,000 to ,000 each.

It’s what I felt I needed to do because I saw countless other women, with their inexplicably blow-dried hair and evenly applied mascara, taking angelic selfies with sweet little newborns waxing poetic about the journey that is motherhood.

In reality, I was bouncing incessantly on an exercise ball, popping Motrin like candy to keep my c-section scar from burning while trying in complete and utter vain to get my baby to stop crying.

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