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The loss of the water, which was badly needed by Central Valley agricultural users, was estimated at US million.

A water treatment plant was built on a site named Minnesota Flats near the Iron Mountain Mine, using lime to balance the p H of the acid mine drainage.

The primary purpose of the Spring Creek Dam was to collect acid mine drainage from the old Iron Mountain Mine, which was heavily polluting Spring Creek and its tributaries.

Bureau of Reclamation, serves primarily to collect severe acid mine drainage stemming from the Iron Mountain Mine.

The dam and reservoir, along with other treatment structures built at and below the mine, have successfully reduced the dry weather pollution of Spring Creek by up to ninety-five percent.

The spills contain many volatile components in acid mine drainage, which include the most acidic naturally occurring (i.e. Several alternatives were considered for remediating this problem: In 1985, it was found that water seepage into the foundations of the Spring Creek Dam could possibly cause its collapse.

Several concerns about the structural integrity and safety of the dam, both physically and biologically, arose in the 1990s.

Emergency releases from Shasta Lake, often in the value of thousands of acre feet of water, have occurred from time to time to dilute massive acid spills from the Spring Creek drainage. continuing on what is possibly the largest and most difficult acid mine drainage problem in the United States.

The construction of Shasta Dam and its afterbay (regulating downstream dam), Keswick Dam, in 19, respectively, severely impaired the capability of the Sacramento River to flush away pollutants from the mine.

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