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I went to high school with you, and you were on the football team.Any woman that knows you after this, it's not going to matter.After she left, Nabors asked the other three "Could this be a dude?" but none of the four men took the thought seriously.Araujo, who usually checked in with her mother, did not come home the day after the party, so Araujo's mother called the police on October 5 to report her missing.Nabors had confessed to a friend what the four had done shortly after returning from the gravesite.

Nabors testified that he saw Magidson raising the rope to Araujo's neck before he left the garage and that Magidson later told the others "that he had wrapped the rope around Lida's neck and twisted it." According to Nabors, Magidson "wasn't sure if Lida had died from twisting the rope, but once Jason [Cazares] hit her twice with the shovel, he knew she was dead".

Her disappearance and murder went unreported for days.

The party-goers did not report the crime and the assailants said nothing to anyone about the murder.

The letter was intercepted by sheriff's officials During the February 2003 indictment proceedings, Nabors gave a detailed account of the murder and burial of Gwen Araujo.

As they were burying her, the men continued to disparage her.

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