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All she had in her credit history was good credit card usage.

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If you have at least one credit card, then you have some revolving credit.It’s the financial industry’s best estimate of how responsible you are, and it can carry over to other realms outside of just finance.I’ve had an 800 credit score since I was 22, and manage the corporate credit line of an engineering facility, which requires me to maintain very high credit. This article gives an overview of how to improve your credit score fast and reliably, including the 4 biggest-impact tips you can implement this week.The chart above shows the default way that the general FICO score is calculated, by the FICO company.Generally speaking, having over 750 puts you in the very top bracket, where you’ll get access to the best credit cards and the best loan terms, and will have no problems when employers or landlords check your credit.

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