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So now you know - STEXT means "Sexy text message" - don't thank us.

A priest’s hilarious response to a ‘sexy’ text message sent to him in error has gone viral – after he invited the sender to MASS. The Church of England priest responded: “Yes, I’m saying Mass at 9.30 & 11.15, but I’m guessing you didn’t intend to text a priest on this one.” He then shared the screen shot online and received a flurry of attention, to the delight of his 3,600 followers.

It is a crime to take a sexual, nude or partly nude picture or video of anyone - regardless of their age - without their permission.

However, it is a more serious crime if the person is under the age of 16.

Ted has committed a crime because it is against the law to have a photo of someone under the age of 16 posing in a sexual way. The Australian National Child Offender Register (ANCOR) is an online registration system designed to help the police manage and share information about people charged with sex crimes in relation to children.

If you are found guilty of a sexting crime, you may be placed on the register.

Anyone who sends, receives or even asks for a naked or sexual image of a person who is or appears to be under the age of 18 is at risk of committing a crime and of being charged.

The law says that while you are under 18, you aren’t allowed to consent (say yes) to sexting – even though you are able to legally start having sex at 16 years of age.

In this fact sheet, we’re talking about how sexting can get young people into trouble with the law.

The reason the laws on sexting are so confusing is that they were made to protect children from adult offenders, and didn’t consider that teenagers might record their own sexual activity.

As a result, even if the young person in the image says it’s okay to be filmed or photographed, it’s still a crime.

New South Wales child pornography laws only apply to images of young people under the age of 16, but the Commonwealth laws are broader.

These laws even apply to images of young people who look like they are under the age of 18.

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