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Lipophilic diamines can form thicker shell thickness, and have smaller -space values and higher Young's modulus values.

Therefore, the lipophilicity of the diamine agents is the key factor that influences the specific properties of the MCs.

Here we use transient absorption spectroscopy to track excitation energy dispersing from the optically accessible vibronic subsystem into the remaining vibrational subsystem of the solute and solvent.The hybrid approach was validated as a flexible strategy to meet diverse requirements.The present study can provide a comprehensive understanding of diamine crosslinkers in the synthesis of EPN-MCs, and such MCs can be extended to a wide range of fields because of their broad tunable performance.Hence, we present a holistic approach that tracks the internal temperature and vibronic distribution from the act of photo-excitation to the restoration of the global equilibrium.Within this framework internal vibrational redistribution and vibrational cooling are emergent phenomena.

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