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However, this one had a completely new cover and special bonus tracks; in addition, there was a bonus VCD.This "Girl Friend edition" was released as Lee moved onto his second single, "Girl Friend", a ballad about a lost love.As opposed to the sophisticated image from his first album, Lee promoted this single with a "handsome" image, as the song was a light pop song.

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He and the other members founded the Shinhwa Company to manage their group activities and became co-CEO with leader Eric Mun.His end of year activity was participation in new singer Sat's first single, released on December 12.In 2007, Lee set up his own agency, M Rising Entertainment, to manage his solo career whilst he continued to perform as part of Shinhwa under Good Entertainment.Although he started out as a rapper and a singer, he stopped rapping as Shinhwa continued to release albums.As a skilled dancer, he has choreographed some of Shinhwa's dances.

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