Shirtless pics on dating sites

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We will never forget the memories and the mammaries.

** KNEE DRAGGERS UNITE ** 1993 Suzuki GS500e 2005 Honda CBR 600RR black tribal fairings. i don't use online dating sites (just because i have a girl, otherwise i wouldn't give a ****. however, the answer depends on what you're looking for and what you have to offer.

I admit it's toolish but it's getting me laid so...

obviously if you don't have brains, facial looks, or a good personality but you're jacked, you might as well bank on your body. I've gotten about twice as many messages sent from women with the body pic as opposed to standard face picture.

if you have a lot to offer, then why not just let the body be a pleasant surprise?

on the other hand, if you're just looking for pussy from some horny skank and you've got a solid body, why not.

Hence, these guys may feel the need to set themselves apart from those other guys by posting shirtless pics of themselves.

They are hoping that women who see their shirtless pics will feel encouraged to message them because they would instantly know that the guy is in great shape.

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