Sims 3 pets dating

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Which is so wrong, in so many ways, we hope Star Fox fans never find out about it.

One considerably more welcome addition is the attempt to add a bit more structure to the gameplay with five Mysteries to solve.

Conversely if you’re a newcomer all the new pet features, on top of the original game, represents quite a generous amount of content.

Or at least it seems that way until you find out that the PC version gets gerbils, snakes and horses as well as dogs and cats – while the console versions only has cats and dogs.

Most of these are semi-cheating shortcuts that fill a need or requirement bar, or create a natural disaster to deal with.

A lot of new content for an expansion, but not for a standalone game. Functionally it does, just about, but the act of squeezing it onto the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 has involved far too much hammering of round pegs into square holes.We still await the day a version is made ground up for consoles, but in the meantime this is as good as virtual dollhouse owning is going to get.Neither version, we were upset to find out, features pet pigs.Although pets are a regular expansion pack theme for The Sims this is the first time that you’ve been able to create and customise them like you would a human, and even give them your own personality traits.

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