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Make yourself a coffee and relax, log on to The Love Finder Cafe dating and check out 1000,s of single dating profiles for free.The Love Finder Cafe a Top Ten dating site that is an online dating and contact web site that is simple you use and free to join, The Top Reason is that our dating success rate is pretty good too, with it being so easy and fun to make that first contact with other singles for free.But um, but yeah, when he first told me that, I was like, no way, that’s not fair, I didn’t ask for my husband to die, you mean guys are going to not like me because of that, you know, but what he meant was, is they’re going to feel like they’re compared to this wonderful, this wonderful marriage that I had as opposed to a divorce person who maybe didn’t have, you know, they’re happy to be out of it. "This top ten dating site is free to join to meet new singles, romantic friends." What better way to try online dating free than to Relax at The Love Finder Cafe. Enjoy online dating for British singles at its best.Disclosure: The Inspire Cafe podcast is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program.Being an affiliate allows me to make money to keep The Inspire Cafe up and running.Like if Susie q is single and not getting a lot of dates and I am, her judgment is, oh my gosh, something negative. Because she’s feeling like I can’t even get one date. I, I made some mistakes like everybody else and you know, I’m not going to lay all those out for you. I think everybody should have a therapist and I think everybody should have a life coach. I mean even me, I have a life coach and I have a therapist, a therapist is more looks at your past and figures out why you are the way you are, how things are showing up now because of your past and a life coach is more forward thinking, goal setting, where do you want to go from here? You know, you, you might need therapy if you’ve got, you know, if you were abused as a little child or you’ve got some alcohol issues or something that’s just really therapy and I would say go to therapy and then come back later, you know when you’re ready to move forward. So I’ve had the spectrum, but the average person is that person that wants to get back out there and date again. New Speaker: I really am a life coach first and second. So being emotionally available means you are over your ex or your old boyfriend or girlfriend to the point of they don’t evoke tears or anger or resentment or any negative emotion because if you’re still festering those emotions in your past, it’s hard to move forward. I wonder if she’s with anybody, you know, it’s just, you know, you’re going to meet single people there. If I think, okay, people are meeting and finding love and that’s, that’s all I really care about is introducing people. So yeah, I at least try to maintain friendships, you know, sometimes you can’t, but especially if you dated a long time or whatever. Talking about this subject is very interesting and I was wondering if someone out there who may be going through what you did when your husband passed away or maybe they’re struggling to get back into the dating world. we’ll share your links to your book and to your website, Loveand Laughter Life And Elizabeth, before we leave, I just wanted to clarify, I wanted to invite listeners to participate and continue on this conversation. So everybody, we’ll have that post up for a week from the date that this episode is released.But, um, through those mistakes and through books that I’ve read, I probably read 55 dating books. So what I did is I took my personal experience and all the books that I’ve read and the sermons I heard in the podcast I listened to and just, you know, all this. So tell us what do you do as a coach to help others? Well, a very common question is what’s the difference between a therapist and a coach? So it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t talk about someone’s past, but we wouldn’t spend a lot of time there. They’re scared or they’ve been out there dating and they’ve just not had much luck or somebody that’s, you know, the newly divorced ones have no idea how to do it. I mean, I look at the whole life of the person, the whole deal. How happy are you, you know, thinking about the rest of your life. New Speaker: Okay, well that’s good to have that clarification for anybody’s listening out there. It’s hard to not compare whether it’s a widow or a divorced person. Well, he’s thinking he’s ready because he had sex in two years. New Speaker: So in my book I talk about how dating is 90 percent timing in 99 percent of them aren’t the one. You, you talked a lot about that, about being transparent about what you’re emotionally capable of at the moment and it changes all the time and it’s okay to change. And you mentioned this are a little bit earlier about nice ways to turn people down because it’s better to be honest, upfront rather than leave them feeling maybe there’s a little hope. People, especially if you’re new to dating, they think. She is nowhere near what I thought but not my girl. Elizabeth: And it kept growing into this little beast.. And what I count as a marriage as if you came and met through the group or through once removed, meaning you came and met Joe and Joe introduced you to his best friend and you married him. Kathy: Many of them I had dated or maybe they were friends from high school that I knew were single again or they were people from my church that I knew were single. And then somebody got hurt and I’m just talking about people like on a meet and greet, well we’re just not a match, but you know, you’re a great person, right? Is there anything that you would like to share with them? So I’m going to create a post on the facebook page of The Inspire Cafe Podcast and if anybody has questions for you, would you be able to reply back to those questions? So if you have any questions for Elizabeth, please post them on there and she’ll get back to you.

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Basically picking out the best nuggets and throwing it in this book. It’s a lot of useful information and I’m not in the dating world and so I can’t imagine going back into the dating world, but you had a lot, a lot of great information in there. Elizabeth: They just need a little help finding the answers. Or now as a coach, as a dating consultant, I do offer perspective and nuggets that help them with their limiting beliefs and that kind of thing. So what I do is probably the whole first session and a half is just discovery me discovering them and like all aspects of their life. And I have probably 60 percent women and 40 percent men. Kathy: They struggle with rejection or you know, what, do I say to a girl? That’s what I call when I first meet somebody as a meet and greet and meet and greet and they’re newly divorced. And I’m saying this person is nowhere near ready to jump into another relationship, which is okay. I was looking for the one and I mean I was expecting the next one to be the one. I’m newly divorced, I’m not ready for a committed relationship. I’d like to go out again or something and he doesn’t respond. You’ll find the show at, and also we’re on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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Kathy: Hello and welcome to The Inspire Cafe Podcast where we bring you conversations and inspirational stories of people overcoming adversity and then how they came out of it transformed with a positive outlook or outcome. Elizabeth also wrote the book, First Date Next Mate: Perspectives in Dating the “Next” Time Around.

People are incredibly resilient and we need to hear more of their stories. She talks about her journey coming, a widow and expectedly becoming a cancer survivor, and she shares what got her into helping others navigate the modern dating world.

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