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If you’re just looking to get off, find tons of users with snapchat in our community or talk to them live in our chat rooms. Explore your deepest fantasies with people just as wild as you.Whether you’re in store for something ordinary, or thinking a little kinky, you’ll always find what you need.If you play music, play it on your cd player (if you’re retro) or on your phone. Serious Skype sex to the sounds of Marvin Gaye is impossible without collapsing in a fit of cringe-induced giggles. It’s a hard job to get sexual when you’ve been going on about your verruca, or moaning about how your bike is broken. The key is just to let your boyfriend/girlfriend know how much you wish you were with them, and how turned on you are by what they are saying/doing.Go for some smooth inoffensive background music, like some Usher or LL Cool J. If you are too shy to say the naughty words out loud, you can always type them. If you don’t trust your lover, then don’t have Skype sex with them.Or if you like hardcore headbanging shenanigans try something a bit heavier like The Used. A lovely (locked) tidy bedroom will give you the privacy and space for you to lose all inhibitions. It’s not advisable to have Skype sex with a new love as you’re still getting to know them and their boundaries.Stepping on a plug half way through doing your thing is excruciating and embarrassing. No one wants to see an Instagrammed image of their naked body.

What’s the point of seeing a pretty face if you can’t interact with them personally?

Yes ladies and gents, Skype is used for more than just business calls and cute catch-ups with relatives.

When the one you love is miles away, you want to be close to them in any way you can. Without dirty talk, Skype sex is like a music video without sound.

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