Sophos antivirus updating

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The UW email address is only required for receiving the coupon code–UW users are then welcome to use any email address they choose for registering their account with Sophos.The Sophos Home software listed below is for use on your personal computer and should not be installed on the UW-owned equipment.After this process is finished, Sophos should be running on your machine. Begin by visiting the Licensed Software Downloads page. The next window will be the Software License Agreement. In the next window, click the Agree button if you agree to the License terms OR Disagree if you do not; if you disagree, you will exit the setup. The next window will be labeled Select a Destination.On this page, enter your my NMSU username in the Username box and your my NMSU password in the Password box, to confirm that you are an NMSU affiliate. Make sure your Hard Disk is selected and click Continue.Choose the appropriate option: The UW Sophos license allows UW students, faculty, and staff to download the UW’s Sophos software on University-owned computers, servers, and workstations.The software can be installed on unlimited UW-owned computers at no cost. Please visit the Sophos public website to find out more about Sophos, our products, our support, and the security threats which we protect against.

Which version of Sophos you download depends on the ownership of your computer.Saludos, I been having some struggle trying to know why I can have the spam filter of sophos to update after I changed the credentials of the secondary server for updates on the SEC.Before of that all of the PC were unable to get the updates but changing the credentials all PC are up to date but the spam filter no, It used to be updated before that change.Once you have separated from the UW, you must remove the software from your computer.Sophos Antivirus for home Windows and Macintosh computers provides the same level of protection as the UW licensed package does.

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