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Including narratives from every corner of the globe, we were invited to propose a design for its Canadian pavilion.Canada’s strength lies in the diversity of its land combined with the collective knowledge, imagination and creativity of its multicultural people.A journey through the pavilion provides visitors with the opportunity to participate in, rather than simply observe, the story as it unfolds.

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Expo 2020 runs over 173 days and features daily entertainment, country pavilions, live shows and restaurants.

They are encouraged to move in different patterns, and to experience how a symbiotic group choreography changes and enhances the art.

Not only is this a distinct showcase of Canada as a leader in AI, machine learning, and innovation, but it also embodies the ethos of the nation’s warm embrace of diversity.

“Our concept invites the Expo’s 25 million anticipated visitors to become participants in the creation of real-time art through the power of AI, inspired by the beauty of Canada’s natural landscapes and clear night skies.

Rather than focus on a single architectural statement, we opted for a design narrative that uses the site’s overall environment to create a journey along a path through a metaphorical woodland.” David Stavros, Senior Design Principal.

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