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Agari has been tracking and gathering intelligence on the crime ring ever since, posing as users on dating sites to engage with profiles suspected to be controlled by Scarlet Widow. Captain Micheal was used as an identity to con women through romance sites including Military and Married Date during a six month period between February 2017 and August 2017.‘Britney Parkwell’, a 27-year-old woman from San Jose, California.Through this active engagement, passive observation and open source intelligence gathering, Agari has gained an insight into the workings of the group including the following fake personas:‘Starling Micheal’, a supposed active duty U. Britney is half Puerto Rican and works in art and fabric sales, which she was introduced to by her father who died five years ago.

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While romance scam groups also originate from Ghana, England and Canada, Agari’s research suggests 90% come from Nigeria.In the case of Laura Cahill, she has fallen victim to identity fraud and is stranded in Paris without means to pay for a plane ticket back to the US.The group goes through extreme lengths to verify the story, providing bogus email addresses that claim to be an estate agent that can confirm her story, as well as providing legitimate looking plane ticket receipts.Lisa sells medical equipment for a living and loves traveling to visit interesting places.Agari also observed some of the victims, including ‘Robert Blackwell’, a religious man who had been going through a difficult divorce.

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