States mandating colonoscopy

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You may feel some cramping or gas from air that is introduced during the procedure.There may also be some discomfort as the instrument negotiates turns or bends in the colon.

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If you are taking aspirin, coumadin, or blood thinners, please notify your doctor as the use of these drugs may need to be modified or discontinued temporarily. You will be given medications to sedate you during the procedure and you will need someone to take you home.

Colonoscopy is a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions within the large intestine, including: Age-appropriate patients not experiencing any of the above gastrointestinal issues may want to take advantage of our Open Access Colonoscopy program to schedule a colonoscopy procedure, usually without the need for a pre-procedure consultation.

During the course of the examination, a polyp may be found.

Bleeding may occur from the site of biopsy or polyp removal.

It is usually minor and stops on its own or can be controlled by cauterization (application of an electrical current) through the colonoscope. Irritation of a vein at the site where medications were administered may also occur.

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