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One, would you believe, is the local church auxiliary.

I’m not a religious person but I do feel I have to give back to society and this is one of the best ways.

I wondered if these were bizarre and unusual circumstances, which had led this perfectly normal wife, mother and grandmother to enjoy the role of slut that she was playing now.

A philandering life at sea and a deep appreciation of the mature woman has taught me that this is not as rare a situation as ‘normal’ people might imagine.

I always gave him a blowjob the moment he walked in the front door after being away and it was a full on swallow the lot job.

I loved to swallow spunk before I was married and I kept it up with Al – it gave me so much control and he would do anything for me.

By giving him a clean out blowjob, it meant when he got an erection again – usually within the hour he could last a long time and give me multiple orgasms.

While I was a girl of the 70’s and tried every sexual trick and perversion in the book – yes even had a female lover for a few months – when I married Al I stopped it all and devoted myself fully to enjoying a great sex life with him – which we both have.

Part of the activities of this auxiliary is to help out at the local seafarers club.

These clubs have been a part of seafarer’s lives worldwide for over a century and have always been run by the church.

Hence the ‘problem’ I developed was hardly a problem we just had to manage it.

As we often shared our fantasies with each other and mine involved sex with other guys and multiple partners and large cocks, Al suggested from time to time that he’d willingly encourage me to live out my fantasies – as that was part of his too – seeing me in action with others.

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