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Putting himself out there in a dance class, where the consequences of messing up aren’t far-reaching, was great practice for putting himself out there in more serious ways, creating more opportunities in his professional and personal life.A good swing dance leader can lead without telling, can “listen” without hearing words, and allows his follow to shine in her style.Before he was a dancer, going to a dance class was not something he’d usually think of doing.Coaxed by a few girls he met at a random event, he decided to check out the club, even though large crowds and meeting random people wasn’t something that as an introvert, he was entirely comfortable doing.You dance with everyone there, and, therefore, meet many people and make many friends.Even when I’m out dancing with my husband, I still dance with many other men, as is customary in social swing dance circles.Launched in 2009, True Swingers has helped thousands of swingers meet through our 100% free online video chat.

Other than the fact that I’m a swing dancer myself, and sharing this interest was important to me; there are other reasons that marrying a swing dancer is like hitting the jackpot of romantic relationships. That means I need a man who’s willing to get out of his comfort zone.

Having been in the swinging scene for more than 40 years between us, we are obviously not soft swingers ourselves, but we remember what it was like when we started out and we are here to help.

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He’s not a jealous man, and I’m not a jealous woman.

My husband’s a white guy, and according to popular stereotypes, white guys can’t dance. OK, I’ll admit that dancing by himself is still an awkward thing, but once he’s got a partner, this man can dance.

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