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They are used in order to treat catarrh of the bladder and similar diseases with very good results.

Corn-silk is diuretic and slightly anodyne, and, for the former purpose, has been found useful in many urinary troubles, associated with renal and cardiac disorders.

The silks are harvested before pollination occurs and are best used when fresh because they tend to lose their diuretic effect when stored and also become purgative.

They also act to reduce blood sugar levels and so are used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus as well as cystitis, gonorrhea, gout etc.

In order to prepare a tincture, fresh or green stigmata, before it begins to change in color or only the portion having a green or greenish-yellow color are used.

The diseases for which corn silk is recommended are generally of an inflammatory character.

The fresh succulent 'silks' (the flowering parts of the cob) can also be eaten.· Leaves: The leaves of L. The pith of the stem is chewed like sugar cane and is sometimes made into a syrup because of its high sugar content; this syrup is very similar to honey bee and very useful in food industry.

From the stem, an organic plastic very similar to cellophane can be produced.

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