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As soon as his phone rang, he rushed out with only his towel on and grabbed his phone and pretended to slip and fall.

In the process he managed to unwrap his towel and lay on the floor fully nude in front of Sudha.

Sudha merely ran to the room and brought a dry towel to wrap me in and went on about her job.

Several times Raj would play porn videos on his laptop and leave the room as if to take a call, knowing well that Sudha would enter the room and see the video. And thus Sudha became his fantasy for more than a month and there seemed to let out to his frustrations. If it worked, his sexual frustrations could become history.

He penetrated her easily and rammed in and out of her like a maniac while biting her breasts.

Both Sudha and Raj came again in no time and lay cuddled in the midst of their juices.

When they woke up half hour later, Raj said " I want to do it properly now" and kissed her deeply.

And thus ended Raj's virginity and thus began a year long affair with his obliging maid.

We Keep Your Personal Information Private: Chatmatez has a very honorable reputation for keeping the privacy of its users.Within no time her juices were flowing freely and she climaxed with a huge shudder.The smell of her coming made Raj lose his mind and pounced on her, sticking his hard penis into her moist and inviting cunt.On one weekend, while he was at the street-side shop, he overheard her speaking in Telugu. Next morning when Sudha was sweeping the floors, Raj pretended to be talking on his mobile and said in Telugu: "Dude, there was this maid who used to work at my flat during college.She was use to give me an oil massage every week - and you know what she used to massage me fully naked and also jerked me off!

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