The big lies people tell in online dating

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She makes use of both her extensive network of irl friends as well as OK Cupid and Tinder in her dating life. I have it on good authority from her that women on dating sites and apps really are just unwilling to message back. To my great surprise, the response rate that D reports from women who specifically identify in their profile as either gay or bisexual is about the same response rate I get from women who identify as straight or bisexual.It's not a question of "well...just send zillions of messages and women are inundated and get to choose." Nope..friend D assures me that she messages both men and women in roughly equal measure if they indicate in their profiles that they are interested in women. And I think D is significantly more attractive than I am.Online dating is a rigged game if your goal is to attract women.I'd quit if it weren't functionally the only real game in town.The Big Lies People Tell In Online Dating Sites Once we all know, online is a place that is great pretend to be somebody you’re perhaps not.In lots of online circumstances, self-misrepresentation is totally harmless.

Yep, as a dude a bit on the "beefy manlet" Spectrum I personally Just use friends/ interpersonal relationships to get dates/Casual Sex if I want to.I could have labeled myself as straight on the sites, but that felt dishonest to me.I probably even would have been better off labeling myself as straight given that most women (even bisexual women) tend to be less likely to respond to a message from a guy who labels himself as bisexual.I mean yeah I identify as bisexual, but I mostly only use dating sites to find women.I don't really have any issue with finding men irl.

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