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It’s been 15 years since the duo of ‘VV’ Mosshart and Jamie Hince put out their first EP with ‘Black Rooster’ in 2002, and to mark the occasion they’ll be celebrating their back catalogue with a run of special shows – including headlining Margate Wonderland at Dreamland this weekend, alongside Carl Barat & The Jackals, TOY, The Duke Spirit and many more this weekend.

We spoke to Mosshart about how they first formed, and the magic of their continued collaboration.

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"I was coming to the UK a lot, staying in this flat down-stairs from him," she says over the phone from LA.I’d come home and he’d be gone—and vice versa—and it just sucks, ’cause we miss each other. He’s been a musician since he could pretty much walk. The performance and the band is really a conversation between two people. Critics tend to write about the way you look and also about your fans; the type of people who like the band. I don’t know that many people that would put up with me for that long and I don’t think he knows many people that would put up with him for that long.” And when can we expect to hear more new material from The Kills?“Well, we were on tour for nine straight months last year, and then got off and then went back on the road,” Mosshart told NME. We haven’t really stopped, but I’m always writing, I know Jamie’s always writing.

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