The shiksas guide to dating jewish updating your social security address

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The non-Jewish woman is less likely to be impressed (or act differently) just because a man is Jewish.

The other difference is that a man will often-times feel less pressure with a shiksa because he assumes the relationship cannot go anywhere.

But no one would have cared (and you probably wouldn’t be interviewing me) if I’d called it”The Jewish Dating Guide.” The shiksa aspect was added to the title for spice.

But unfortunately, some critics fail to see past the title and miss the solid advice in the book (advice on how Jewish women can lure Jewish men).

” he responded “Jewish women tend to be large on top, easy to get with, are giving sexually, and pretty smart.” Jewish women are so diverse in looks/personality, that no one stereotype can be completely accurate.

If every young Jewish woman reads your book, how many more in-marriages should we expect?

She neglected that this is first and foremost, a fun dating guide, and was not meant to be social commentary.

On the flip side, when a non-Jewish guy on JDate was asked, “why in the world are you on JDate?

A phone number leads to a date, which leads to a relationship.

The key for Jewish women is to minimize talk of marriage and the future in the beginning of the relationship to alleviate pressure on the man.

I should know, I’m the daughter of a feminist-activist woman raised in the 1950’s who got a Ph D in Math and was a Senior Managing Director at JP Morgan.

What parents don’t tell their daughters is that love is different than business. Those women who do so are the ones who are 40, single, and wondering why!

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