The trouble with dating a werefox Sexual woman on cam

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can use the chaos crystal to become Super Nova but only if his heart is pure (if his heart isn't pure or he is in his wereform he will become Dark Nova instead.) Accelerated Healing due to being a Werefox.

Ariel Hunterbio coming soon Anna 'Tailsko' Prowerbio coming soon Mara ‘Rain’ Wolfe Age: 8Species: Mobian Blue Wolf Gender: Female Look: Mara has Midnight Blue fur all over except for her chest and paws which are pure white.

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Nice looking guy with an honest heart, amazing pilot, and occasional playboy. Many were pining after the blond, but that was HIS captain.

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Think of a river that flows on until it splits into four different ones until they reach four separate lakes. History: Will be explained in a later story that I will write. He sometime gets himself and Tails into trouble but it’s usually no more trouble than they can handle.

Family: Miles 'Tails' Prower (Twin Brother), Rosemary Prower (Mother-Deceased), Amadeus Prower (Father- Deceased), James 'Tales' Prower (Younger Brother- Whereabouts Unknown), Anna 'Tailsko' Prower (Younger Sister-Whereabouts Unknown). Skills: Gifted mechanic, excellent pilot (has a plane similar to the Tornado X and likes to go flying with Tails from time to time), Good at tactics and strategy (likes to find things to challenge himself though most of the time it just gets him and Tails into trouble).

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