The updating

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Since the database contains all of the content and the settings of your website, this is an essential step to ensure its continued operation.

If you are running multiple sites, you must run Performing updates requires admin privileges.

You can use either of the following methods to update your module: manually updating the files or Drush.

To replace the module's code with the new version, download a copy of the new module from the project page, or use the link projected by the Update module from your site's update status report.

Though unlikely, any operation that modifies the database can be potentially damaging.

This is typically necessary when updating modules that involve the usage of third party libraries.If you’re unaware as to why you should upgrade, then consider how much at risk your site would be if you didn’t upgrade.All dynamic websites are vulnerable by attacks who want to spam, damage, or steal information for your website.Not upgrading to the latest version of Joomla will put your site at risk!Perhaps you wonder as to why so many new versions of Joomla are released?

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