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Toothless and I were soaring above the village as we did so often in the days before Snoggletog (The Vikings equivalent of Christmas for us).

It is a full week event and is celebrated by the whole village.

I wanted to give in to the feeling, wanting the share it’s presence and the warmth. Just as I finished that thought he continued with his low voice, pouring with authority and pride.

Then, Stoick began talking to me while I slowly walked over to the fire pit and sat down in front of it. You know as well as I do that next week there is going to be the Snoggletog celebration.” At this point I was about to expect the usual ‘do this and get presents for person xy’. “So, as the chief of our tribe, I am in command about everything that is happening on this Island of ours. “I arranged everything in the last couple of weeks with the rest of the Village, and I want you two to enjoy Snoggletog alone.

I have been reading waaay to many fanfics lately, especially searching for Toothless and Hiccup bond fanfictions.

Without the need for another invitation I headed inside, past my Dad and closely followed by my fellow Dragon, Toothless.

The fire in the main Room was blistering, hinting that it was just freshly lit up.

Toothless was as Happy as always, maybe this time a little more ecstatic than normally, liking my Face all over and pouring ounce after ounce of slobber over me with that Goofy, gummy smile he learned to imitate right after our First meeting in the Cove.

The moment continued on, no one from us wanting to break the moment of peace and happiness.

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