Top 10 most intimidating athletes

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That doesn't mean you want to be in any of these movies with him.With Lawrence Taylor being in the news the last few days, it got me to pondering (big ponderer, me) - who are the all-time baddest, most intimidating athletes in sports?

That is, they can come off as intimidating without much effort if the part calls for it.

Regardless, there are those tough, serious, fierce actors that when they appear on screen, they command attention and make you just a bit warier of what is happening.

They can be playing good guys or bad, but they seem larger than life, even unpredictable.

There are those actors that simply have certain auras about them, which can be good and bad.

I suppose the more talented the actor is, the more able he or she is at breaking the mold or type and surprise people.

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