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Add a southern USA drawl or a rising Australian inflection and you definitely won't be understood.

However, if you pronounce it 'Trung' you will stand a better chance of being understood and if you can make the initial consonant sound like something halfway between a 'D' and a 'T', as in 'Dtrung', you won't have any problems.

Local style coffee shop in Trang Talking of the locals, Thais are a funny bunch.

Before my first visit to Trang a Thai friend told me not to drink any water I was offered as it would be drugged and I would be robbed.

Farang kee-nok backpackers can save Bt75 per night by not showering In front of the train station is a square and on the other side of the square are a line of the typical Thai travel agents that specialise in dealing with backpackers.

They can point them at guesthouses with optional bathrooms (some backpackers don't regard bathrooms as being essential in Thailand apparently - click on the thumbnail image to the right to see what I mean), pack them into minivans to get them to the nearest island, or tell them where to buy baggy fisherman pants and bandanas.

Subsequently, I passed through Trang many times on the way to Phang Nga, Krabi, Phuket and Koh Lanta but never stopped off for any length of time.

One disappointment was the lack of a room safe which was specifically mentioned in the web site information I looked at.

Not only is the Thumrin Thana a sleeping place for tourists; it also seems to be the central nightspot in town for young and trendy local Thais.

Trang is yet another location in Thailand where a horrible English transliteration has become standardised and widely accepted.

Say 'Trang' to a Thai in a standard English accent and it is unlikely you will be understood.

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