Trophy wife dating

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Playful and colorful life Trophy wives know what they are and that she is the center of attention.

Wherever she goes, she brings life and makes the dull evening ever charming.

Trophy Wife is kind of accessory of a man whom he would always want to wear or showcase to the public because of its esteemed value.

Well, on second thoughts if such opportunity is given to any of these men, they would definitely take it up, right?

However, the thinking and psychology of both of them differ.

Women are more of loving and sensitive nature while men prefer more about their status.

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Let us find out the psychology of why men want to have a Trophy Women in his life. When men introduce their gorgeous wife to friends and colleagues and they are simply in awe of her beauty, Men tend to like it.

Your boss might even check her out and chances are your status quo in the organization increases.

Preferences and promotions are also some of the results of having a Trophy Wife.

However, this is what it is meant to be, the status and recognition symbol.

Wife is the partner for life and is the first step to name and fame in the world.

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