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Descendant Native American tribes include the Creek or Muskogee people.Also among the historical tribes living in the area of present-day Alabama at the time of European contact were the Iroquoian-speaking Cherokee in the interior, believed to have migrated south centuries before from the Great Lakes area.Emerging in the early first millennium of the common era were the people of the Mississippian culture.Like some of the generations before them, they built large earthwork mounds in planned sites that expressed their cosmology.Tuscaloosa is also the home of The University of Alabama, Stillman College and Shelton State Community College.While the city attracted international attention when Mercedes-Benz announced it would build its first automotive assembly plant in North America in Tuscaloosa County, the University of Alabama remains the dominant economic and cultural engine in the city, making it a college town.City leaders adopted the moniker "The City of Champions" after the Alabama Crimson Tide football team won the BCS National Championship in their 2009, 2011, and again in their 2012 seasons.The Tide won the College Football Playoff in the 2015 season and 2017 season.

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The city was originally known as Tuskaloosa until the early 20th century.

They were hunter-gatherers who pursued the megafauna that became extinct following the end of the Pleistocene age.

After thousands of years, successive indigenous cultures developed a rich and complex agricultural society.

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