Ultrasound accuracy dating conceive

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The fact that it did increase in size and that there is a heartbeat are both very good signs.

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I had sex on the 14th and took the morning after pill on the 16th.On 2/20 they were 2895 and 2/22 4486 (not taken 48 hours apart) but still high for someone who wasn't really even 5 weeks along at that point correct?? So you will be looking for testing that uses the exact technology in the research studies.I will be back from vacation this coming Sunday and can evaluate any test that you may be considering using in detail if you like.If you still want it I can get it for you but it seems like its a moot point right now. Collins, I have been doubting myself again on the paternity of the baby.I realized now that I believe my hcg levels were too high when taken to be indicative of guy number 2. term=non-invasive prenatal paternity testing&itool=Query Suggestion The key in finding reliable research information is to avoid ".com" sites and focus instead on either ".gov" or ".edu" sites.

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