Underground secrets of dating russian women

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A man always has a better prospective than a woman of the same education and talent.This also has to do with general values of the Russian society, as it is expected from a woman to sacrifice or neglect her career when she gets married.Usually a woman will have a child shortly after marriage, and according to the Russian law the company has to pay her a very long maternity leave (up to 1.5 years), and also pay her sick leave when she sits at home with a sick child, and small kids are often sick.Sick leave in Russia is certified by a doctor until the person is 100% healthy, which is usually 10-14 days, and during this time the mother stays at home with the child and the company pays her full salary.This answer you can also use for your male acquaintances and, with some modifications, for Russian women (you should tell them that you like Russian women's attitudes towards family; the word "values" has a different meaning in Russian).

I would not suggest to use this answer for western females though, including your own family and friends, since they will be thinking you are a chauvinistic pig and for you women only exist as sexual objects (which is their only pleasant function indeed - just kidding ;-) - with one exception: if you want to pay your ex back for all the name calling you have had to put up with for years, then do tell her that Russian women are beautiful: "MUCH more beautiful than western women..." lol While of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I cannot resist expressing my personal opinion on this matter, regarding women in general and Russian women in particular.Therefore, the lawful maternity benefits make women undesirable employees.Naturally, employers prefer to give promotions to men who are habitually considered primary family providers and will be more committed to their work after they are married.In Russia a woman who has never been married is looked down upon.In other words, the Russian definition of success for a woman includes marriage and children as the primary conditions.

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