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As the child grows older, school is often the place where problems occur.

Many children are teased and tempted by other students.

"Educated" youth started expressing their "new" ideas and dissatisfaction with the establishment exploded into anti-government demonstrations and open rebellion on university campuses and city streets.

The years of 19 became landmarks in the diary of youth rebellion: post-war baby boomers came of age with anti-war demonstrations across the U. A., street riots in Paris, and "happenings" like Woodstock, one of the early rock festivals, with widespread fornication and drug abuse.

In this sheet you will find some current examples of the attacks children are subjected to, but be aware that these examples are only temporary.

The Devil will continually change his garments as he maintains his attacks: he wants to destroy your family and he will come as a friend or as a stranger.

Remember many teachers in this generation do not take a stand for morality according to the Word of God, and would not necessarily think to inform you about points which you would know are wrong and need attention.

"Monopoly", "Snakes and Ladders", "Checkers", ("Draughts" in the UK) and "Chess" are classic examples of games which promote positive interaction.

New schools and universities were built to educate the growing population.

Ultimately it is up to YOU to know YOUR GOD, for He will show you how to defend your home. Through constant training children will learn to discern between good and evil.

Parents cannot be with their children all the time to control what they watch or do.

That night their child slept soundly for the first time in a long while.

During the early school years children will mainly be influenced by their teachers and school friends.

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