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To make the picture cover every thing I would use a 10X7 inch picture.

We've been hearing about Microsoft's plans to unify services across all their devices for quite a while now, and that initiative should come to ahead very soon.

Those changes also include the elimination of MS Points in favor of a cash-based currency system.

We told you a couple of weeks ago about Microsoft preparing to release the Spring Update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard on May 19.

The update comes with Pay Pal support and the ability to read a new disc format as well.

This is the UI update we've all been expecting — the one that gives Xbox Live a look that more closely resembles Windows 8 with live tiles and whatnot.

has it on good authority from a source within Microsoft that the update should enter public beta next month (or, at the latest, early July), however the implications of the update might not be felt until much later this year.

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