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After following all the given steps you will surely be able to create your tom Tom account.

In case you face difficulties while creating or log in to your account then feel free to connect Tom Tom Support.

2-) At some point it should tell you that you can update your software and maps, just accept it.

3-) After downloading and trying to install at some point it will tell you that it cannot because there’s not enough space in the device, just accept that.

In order to fix all these issues, you may contact Tom Tom Support and get the 24/7 support from out experts.

You may also visit us at for the further details and advanced troubleshooting steps guide download.

After using the original Tom Tom for many years I decided it was time for an upgrade.

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5-) Close the Tom Tome Home2 software completely by right clicking on its tray icon and selecting “Exit”.Also, in case if you want to gather more information about these smart tablets, than you can browse our website where we have published many useful contents that will help you to Update Tomtom 135 Maps and much such knowledge-based articles.***This edition of Microsoft Office can only be activated with a email address to be verified by Microsoft.Ok, a GPS was one of those things I have been after for a while, but I refused to pay a lot for it, since I really don’t need it too much, except those few times I go out of town and addresses can be a pain to find, so my local Radio Shack had the Tom Tom XL 340s on sale for just 9, since they were still closed because it was very early in the morning and the Sears next to them was already open I asked the sales person if they would match the prices and he said yes without delay, he asked where I had seen that price and after telling him online, he asked how much they had it on sale for, I said I wasn’t sure if it was 0 or 9, he went ahead and checked Radio Shack’s site and it was actually 9, however guess what…he matched the price to 0, so that’s what I ended up paying plus taxes, (A friend tells me the sales person wasn’t just nice, it’s because Sears actually has a price match .00 USD policy) either way I think I got a good deal because all other retail stores had it at anything from 9 to 9.

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